Linen Duvet Cover Set, King, Oatmeal


Linen duvet cover set

Size: king

Material: 100% linen

Colour: Oatmeal



Material: 100% linen.

Thread: cotton.

Trim: buttons.

Size: king.

Set (king size) contains: 1 duvet cover (106 in x 94 in), 2 king pillowcases.

Colour: Oatmeal.

Colours and patterns: Due to linen fiber properties, light variations in colour of separate items might have place. Actual colours might be different from how they appear on monitor.

Shrinkage: Being a natural fibre linen shrinks significantly after being washed in hot water for the first time. We take that into account, so you get the right size for your bed. New linens are shipped unwashed and should be washed in hot water before using them.



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