Linen Care

Linen care symbols

Fabric Care recommendation for all 100% linen fabrics shown on this website:

– Machine wash in hot water (up to 70°C (158°F);

– Do not bleach;

– Iron at high temperature;

– Tumble dry, low heat, delicate setting;

– Do not dry clean.


  • Normally white 100% linen bedsheets withstands hot water quite well. In the past it was normal practice for housewives to regularly boil their linen beddings. (It’s true they didn’t have washing machines back then, though). Hot water helps to kill germs, remove dirt from between threads and thorougly clean fabric.
  • However, when colours are present, washing water temperature might be either required to be lowered or not, depending on the manufacturing process used to produce dyed fabric. The manufacturing process that was used for fabric we offer does allow washing linens in hot temperatures.
  • Linen becomes softer after multiple washings.


  • Do not use bleach on linen as it can destroy the natural fibers easily.
  • In order to keep your bed linen in good condition, drying should be paid attention to. Tumble drying is damaging for all natural fibers including linen (think of all that lint in a dryer). It can break natural fibers which leads to premature wearing the fabric.


  • The ideal way to dry linen bedding would be on a clothesline. As an added benefit, the sun makes white linens whiter which is proven by ages. However, more often than not it is not possible in modern life.
  • Since there is often just no way other than using a dryer, we can at least take some precautions, such as using low heat and delicate setting. Linen bedding should not be overdried and should be removed from the dryer immediately after drying.


  • Linen is beautiful natural fabric. With natural fibers comes creasing. The creases add to linen overall “truly natural” look and feeling.
  • Should you want to iron your linen bedding, use hot iron on “Linen” setting. Avoid repeatedly ironing on the same folds, as it may break linen fibers eventually.

Dry cleaning

  • No dry cleaning for 100% linen linens.